Wednesday, July 5, 2017

From Mary Ann's Desk...

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Joyous greetings in Jesus’ wonderful name. My heart is full of expectation. I believe the Lord is doing glorious things in the earth again. It may not look like it where you live, but I believe it is coming your way if you hunger for it. So, I encourage you to look for it like Elisha told his servant to look for a cloud bringing rain after three years of no rain. And be ready to enter in and receive when it comes.
Ministry Report
I just returned home from a speaking engagement in Waco, Texas, at the World Bible Way Fellowship Annual Camp Meeting. I am happy to report that the sweet presence of the Lord was in every service. All who attended went home richly strengthened and blessed. 
I am especially glad to report that the Lord blessed me with a wonderful anointing to deliver the message He has recently given me to declare wherever a door opens to me. The title is “The Call, The Need, The Generations.” Hearts were mightily moved upon as God poured out His Spirit in that service. There is nothing more wonderful than to be a useful vessel in the hands of the Lord. To God be all the glory. He does wonderful things.
Health Report
I just had my third check up to see if I am still cancer free. Guess what! I AM still cancer free, and I believe this will continue to be my report. Praise you Jesus!
July 14-16 – FWC Family Reunion, Family Worship Center, Leesville, LA, Pastors Mike & Terina Jackson
July 25-27 – Global Roundtree Connection, Worldwide Evangelism, New Orleans, LA, Dr. Kemp Holden, Chairman
I look forward to seeing all of my ministry friends who are a part of these fellowhips while we enjoy the presence of the Lord together.
Interwoven into this schedule, I have been asked to be a part of the summer teaching staff for the Adult Bible Study on Wednesday night in my home church. I and three others will be teaching one  Wednesday night each in the months of June, July and August. My subject for these sessions is “The Body of Christ.”  It gives me joy to minister in my home church any time that I am asked to do so.
Mark’s Upcoming Trip to Kenya
I also ask that you prayerfully consider the needs for Mark’s trip to Kenya, and to respond as the Lord leads you. Thank you.
To Our Partners
You are such a tremendous blessing to us. You are key to everything we do for the Lord. We bless you and thank God for you. My prayer for you always is that He will continue to watch over you and provide all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 
Because there are over 4.4 billion people in the world who still need Jesus, I remain
Yours in missions,

Mary Ann Cassidy

News from the Dyars...

Greetings from beautiful Northern California!
wow! What a month! Claire and Josh are now Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And yes, we think of the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie movie, too. That’s the good news. The not so good is that they’ve been stuck here in Redding thanks to the endless miles of red tape our government generates. Josh is British and, even though he’s married to an American citizen, getting his residency has been a months long effort and they’re not done yet.The better news is they got word today that Josh will have permission to leave the country no later than Thursday. Remarkable Father we have! He can move even the US government!
Mark’s shoulder is improving, slowly but steadily. At this point it looks like surgery will be avoided. Praise God! We would ask that you continue to pray for complete (and accelerated) healing.
Well, plans have changed again. You might remember that Mark and Julie were supposed to go to Mozambique with another ministry and Mark was going to “piggyback” the trip to Kenya on to that trip. However, there have been some developments with I Reach Africa that have delayed their plans for 12 to 18 months. We can’t give details but we do ask that you would pray for Tracy and her staff. They need favor with the government and a hedge of protection. But again, Jesus has this! Airfares are cheap right now and this change will add very little to the cost of the upcoming Kenya trip.
Pastor Gordon has been hard at work and it’s coming together wonderfully. Five meetings with both rural and urban pastors and leaders. What an honor! Our hope is that Father will use Mark to bring cultural changes in the church and radical changes in hearts. 
God has given Mark three topics to share: Friendship-Love Manifest, Spiritual Fatherhood, and A Bride fit for the King. Mark will be leaving September 13 and returning October 3.
Here is a quick breakdown of needs for the September trip:
$1,000 - Airfare
$1,200 - Car Rental
$1,050 - Mark’s Room & Board
$400 - Manuals
$300 - Gas for Extra Travel
$250 - Portable Sound System

That’s a total of $4200 needed in the immediate foreseeable future.

In addition to these needs, we would also like to raise another $1,000 to help some of the less fortunate people with their accomodations. 
Thanks for your radical generosity and your heart for the least and the lost!
Yours for the Kingdom,

Mark and Julie

Sunday, June 4, 2017

From Mary Ann's Desk...

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” II Timothy 2:15 (NIV)

Greetings of joy and gladness to you today. I trust you are doing well and enjoying the rich blessings of God in your life.
As I write, our nation is entering its Memorial Day holiday in which we give special honor and remembrance to all our military personnel, both past and present, for their heroic sacrifice to defended our nation, and others, in the pursuit of liberty and peace. They are worthy of our honor, and we gladly give it.

It reminds me of another set of military personnel who are also worthy of honor for their personal sacrifice and dedication to the advancement of liberty and peace. They are an army for the Lord. They have, and do, serve Him in full-time leadership ministry for the advancement of His Gospel which brings salvation (liberty) and peace from God the Father to all who believe. They could have chosen many other vocations. Instead, they chose to answer the call of God to preach the word, pastor churches, go to the ends of the earth, evangelize, plant churches, raise up qualified church leaders, etc. We at LTI are among that number. But today I want to place us to the side and honor the rest of you for your life’s work. In my opinion, it is the most noble work that can be done among men.

God bless you, and Thank You for serving.

NIGERIAToday I am reporting on the books that have been purchased for the Cassidy Memorial Leadership Library. Our dear friend, Pastor Robert Wells, gave $500 last year for this very purpose, and we are most grateful for his help in this worthy endeavor.These books, along with the others that have been purchased and donated, are making it possible for the Nigerians who are preparing for full-time ministry, or are already in full-time ministry, to present themselves to God as approved workers who correctly handle the word of truth.
No one can correctly handle the word of truth unless they have been taught it by reputable men and women who, themselves, know how to correctly handle the word of truth. Especially, when they have come out of various kinds of spiritually dark religious practices into the light of the glorious Gospel. They must first be taught. And, in addition, they need good reference books to assist them in their continuing studies of the word.

My heart is overjoyed!

Chuwang was able to purchase 28 books for $325. Average cost per book: $11.60. This list of books could not have been purchased in the US for that amount of money


The balance of $125 was used to build more book shelves which were needed to house the books.
I want to list these books for you so that you can see the quality of the library that we are developing.

Culture to CultureFinnis Jennings BibleOne Hundred Great Leadership IdeasNave’s Complete Word Study BibleThe 40 Most Influential Christians That Have Shaped What We Believe TodayManaging God’s MoneyThe Portable SeminaryThe Hendrickson Parallel BibleThe Scripture Reference BibleInjuries of the MindThe Meaningful LifeThe Student Bible AtlasThe Art of LeadersChristianity Through The CenturiesSolid AnswersThe Doctrines that DivideThe Reformation of the ChurchThe Cost of DiscipleshipSixteen Men with a MessageActs of the Apostles,Christ in YouNew Testament IntroductionComplete Bible StudyA Pre-Marriage Counseling Handbook (2 volumes)Inspiration and Canonicity of the BibleLeading the Way Jesus WouldThe Best of Bible PathwayThe 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
Last year, we kickstarted the library off with 38 books that came from our own personal library plus books that were purchased with $200 from LTI’s General Funds. Most of these books are reference materials, including such titles as

Strong’s Exhaustive ConcordanceI Declare – (31 promises to speak over your life)Top 10 Goals of a Great LeaderTheology One and CultureNew Matthew Henry’s CommentaryNew Bible Dictionary New Dictionary of Christian ApologeticsThe Complete English Language CompanionLeadership: Facing and Overcoming the Storms
These are not the only books in the library, but they are almost all of the reference books in the library. We still want to add more books like these we have listed for you.
In fact, Chuwang sent me a new list of 29 books he wants me to review for purchase. All of them are good. He is putting together the cost for them. When I get that figure, I will pass it on to you in the event you may want to help purchase these additional books. Some of them are:

Smith and Peloubet’s Bible DictionaryBaker’s Bible AtlasUnger’s Bible Atlas (I sent a copy of Halley’s Bible Handbook)Christian MartyrsPhilosophy of Christian EducationA Primer for Christian DoctrineSystematic TheologyThe Final Return
And more.

In addition to all these books, I sent twelve  copies (if my memory serves me right) of Pastor Steve Dixon’s book Honor Still Works to Nigeria. David Smoot distributed them to Rev. Maiwa’azi Dandaura, whom we have worked with all our years in Nigeria, and others from our annual Leadership Conferences. Thank you, Pastor Steve for your contribution to our efforts. We appreciate you very much.

Financial ReportThank you for praying with us regarding our financial need. I am happy to report that donations last month were up, and I/we are most grateful. We ask that you continue praying with us as we are still a bit short of meeting our basic needs.

TO OUR PARTNERSA great big Thank You to our regular monthly financial and prayer partners. That is what keeps us going. And we appreciate you more than words can say. I like to think of financial support and prayer as the arm of Aaron and Hur who lifted Moses’ arms during the time of battle. As long as they kept Moses’ arms lifted, Israel gained the victory. Thank you for lifting our arms. God continue to bless you and enrich you in all ways, is my prayer.

Because there are over 4.4 billion people in the world who still need Jesus, I remain

Yours in missions,

Mary Ann Cassidy

News From the Dyars...

Greetings from beautiful Redding!
As you are reading this we are in the final days leading up to Claire’s marriage. We are very happy to be welcoming Joshua Smith into the family. He is a wonderful young man of God and we’re thrilled to count him among us. 

As you can imagine, things are a bit hectic as we pull together the final details of the wedding and as family members begin to arrive in our lovely Redding. It is an exciting and blessed time, but as always life is not without it’s challenges.

Mark was injured on the job and his shoulder is not healing as we had hoped. Currently, he is in physical therapy in hopes that surgery can be avoided. We ask for you to join your faith to ours in prayer that surgery is not necessary.

KENYA  The September trip to Kenya is taking shape and we have a rather ambitious itinerary.  Gordon has scheduled conferences in Nakuru, Bondo, Kisii, Saiya, and Nyeri.  He is estimating more than 500 will attend these conferences.  This will necessitate hundreds of miles of in country travel, many days on the road, and many nights in hotels.  It also means we need provision for manuals, travel, and a portable sound system.  We needed a camera and, thank you Father, that has already been donated.  Because we are able to combine this trip with our trip to Mozambique with Tracy Evans, that keeps our monetary need about $3,500, even with these additional costs.

 Here is a quick breakdown of needs for the September trip:$1,500 - Airfare
$1,050 - Mark’s Room & Board
$400 - Manuals
$300 - Gas for Extra Travel
$250 - Portable Sound System

That’s a total of $3500 needed in the immediate foreseeable future.

In addition to these needs, we would also like to raise another $1,000 to help people with their accommodations during the conference.  

 ROMANIAAs of now, we don’t have a trip date for Romania; however, we are planning a trip for sometime this year. The school of ministry curriculum is all but finished and we are looking forward to delivering the curriculum to Pastor Adi.

 Thank you for your outrageous generosity, your love for the Father and care for His children.

Yours for the Kingdom,

Mark and Julie

Monday, May 1, 2017

From Mary Ann's Desk...

“Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice!.” Philippians 4:4 

Greetings of joy and gladness to you today. This is the day that the Lord has made. I will be glad and rejoice in it. I hope the same for you too.

Shortly before Jesus’ crucifixion, He began preparing his disciples for life without Him. He told them that they would have tribulation (affliction, persecution, trouble) in this world.

Oh joy! Just what they wanted to hear, right? But it was what they needed to hear. It was a positive statement. A positive/negative, if you will. But a positive, never-the-less. 

His remark was honest and they needed to hear the truth. But He didn’t stop there, because that was only one part of this truth. There was more, and the “more” would make all the difference for them. He went on to say, “… be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) With those ten little words, He imparted strength to them and gave them hope for victory.

Why am I telling you this? Because tribulation is presently striking our brothers and sisters in India and Nigeria.

In last month’s newsletter, I shared the wonderful report of how God is moving among the young people in India. OH, how we have longed to see this day come into being; and OH, how thankful we are for the liberty they are experiencing in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their countrymen.

But then…I got a phone call from Bhalchandra two weeks ago asking me to pray, saying signs of persecution and tribulation are beginning to appear around them again.
people in India. OH, how we have longed to see this day come into being; and OH, how thankful we are for the liberty they are experiencing in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their countrymen.

This is not new to them, however. They have courageously and steadfastly dealt with these problems their entire lives.

They have never known the freedom to conduct open evangelistic services without the threat of physical harm coming to those who would attend.

If they make no attempt to convert people to Christianity they are not troubled. But if they do, trouble awaits them.

My heart broke for them, but not for long. I know they will carry on. They will continue to make converts despite all of the efforts of our enemy, Satan. They will overcome because God is on their side, and they will not give up.

Bhalchandra said to me, “I will not stop. I am not afraid.” I know all of them are also saying, “We will not stop. We are not afraid.”

He also told me their currency has been devalued and life is getting more and more expensive.

Just a few days ago, I learned from David Smoot that the Annual Leadership Conference has been cancelled this year because of lack of funds. Their currency has also been devalued and the country is in DIRE financial straits. Far more difficult than any other time we have witnessed.

It took a while for the impact of this news to penetrate my being! This just does not happen. We have carried on, many times, regardless of whatever obstacles we faced. But this time they could not overcome.

Before leaving David, I gave him the few books I had been able to gather, and the $500 gift that will enable our brother Chuwang Davou to purchase more books for the Cassidy Memorial Library. All of it will be a tremendous blessing to these brave bearers of the Cross who have, for all these years, carried the name of Jesus high in their nation, without fear, despite the continuous persecution and tribulation.

Our first Conference took place in 1989, twenty-eight (28) years ago. This is only the second time the Conference has had to be cancelled. The first time was in 2012, when the date for their national elections conflicted with the Conference dates. Now it is because money is short…VERY short.
When the reality of it all finally hit me, all I could do was cry for them. But not for long. I know they too will not stop. They, too, are not afraid.

Thank God for such devoted faithful, strong men and women of God who labor in their own countries to see their people come to know Jesus just as they do.

II Corinthians 4:7-9 is so fitting, that I must insert it here. “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency  of the power may be of God and not of us. We are troubled on every side, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed...”
This was Paul’s testimony in his day, and it’s their testimony as well.

Please keep them in your prayers. The promise of hope and victory does not in any way diminish the reality of the tribulation. (Hebrews 12:2)

I am so very thankful that God called us to minister for Him in these spiritually dark and difficult nations of the world.

I am also very thankful for each and every person, church and business that has sent us on our way.
With all my heart, I say Thank You for your faithful financial and prayer support. Our labor together has not been in vain.

Let us remember that the work is not finished, and we, too, must carry on.

We have an urgent financial need. A significant shortage of funds has fallen upon us and we need an over abundant increase from the hand of the Lord. I am asking Him to quickly make that provision for us. Will you join your prayers with mine? Thank you.

God bless you in all you do for the increase of His kingdom until He comes again.

Because there are over 4.4 billion people in the world who still need Jesus, I remain

Yours in missions,

Mary Ann Cassidy

News From the Dyars...

Greetings from beautiful Redding!
First the big news. It’s official-GCI (Gospel Communicators, Inc.) has been transferred to us! The potential here is huge: helping other ministries, networking, partnering, serving. The ability to offer non-profit (501c3) status has lot of Kingdom possibilities. If you, or someone you know, needs non-profit status, we’d be honored to help.

As promised in earlier newsletters, we’re going introduce you to Gordon and Beatrice, our friends and ministry partners in Kenya.

Gordon and Beatrice have been ministering in Nakuru since 2004. They’ve planted churches, mentored pastors, and reached out to the poor, the widow and the orphan. And they pastored Victory International Fellowship-Nakuru all the while.

These two are a rarity in Africa: a husband and wife team, working together in everything. They minister together, pastor together, feed the poor together. What a wonderful example of how a couple should function in the Kingdom. But it’s their love that that leaves the biggest impression, their love for each other, for the poor, for believers and for God.

I saw that love demonstrated just about every day while he was in Kenya. Gordon and Beatrice were there for him every day, in whatever capacity needed. Driver, guide, translator, they wore all those hats and more. Never a complaint, always with a smile. Both genuinely and obviously love serving others. That shows up in their relationships in Victory Fellowship and with the kids they minister to every Saturday. Their people and those kids love Beatrice and Gordon and Gordon and Beatrice love them. And that, that is the essence of Kingdom life together.

I will be going back to Kenya in September. While there, I will be looking at some properties that Gordon thinks might work for the School of Ministry. But Gordon also is working on several ministry opportunities. I will be teaching in a couple of churches and meeting with church leaders from Nakuru and several villages.

Thanks for all you do. Without your love, your prayers and your generous giving none of what we couldn’t do what we do!

Yours for the Kingdom,

Mark and Julie

Sunday, April 2, 2017

From Mary Ann's Desk...

“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.” NKJV

Joyful greetings to you today. The month of March was very busy, and the month of April is going to be very busy also. I cannot adequately express how great it is to be filled with enough energy and strength to accomplish all that needs to be done. I trust the Lord is blessing you in similar ways as you press on in your life with Him.
The new reports from India and Nigeria are abundant, and this is where I want to begin my letter this month. I hope I will be able to paint each picture in such a way that you will catch the significance and joy that I am trying to convey.
Accommodations Acquired – In February’s newsletter I shared the urgent need for new housing, office space and church facilities that Bhalchandra and Leena Kamble were facing. In that letter I did not tell you that finding available housing at this time of the year is next to impossible. This is due to the fact that families do not move until after the school year ends which is at the end of April. They had to be moved out by the end of February. (I failed to tell you that piece of information as well. Sorry.) 
But God! Just in time, and with only a few days to spare, a flat for their housing became available and they were able to obtain it. The office was moved temporarily to Leena’s father’s home, and the church has also found temporary facilities in which to hold services. We received a generous offering of $800 from one of our long-time “ministry family” members toward this need, and were able to send those funds to relieve their moving expenses. Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing faithfulness to your servants, and for the faithfulness of our ministry partners. 
Youth Gathering in Vyara, Gujarat (State just N/NW of Mumbai State)
In February, Bhalchandra sent me this report. “I was in Vyara, Gujarat from 8 to10th November. 1600 youth responded; there were 500 plus youth leaders. My preaching was based on two C's, Christ and Character. And I spoke to the leadership. They are a group of 250 churches. They are open. After 15th January I am doing two Building Healthy Leaders Conferences with youth leaders and pastors. They are vey responsive. They have hearts to learn. Keep praying."
As you might imagine, my heart greatly rejoices over this report. It, alone, tells us that God is moving in India in a mighty way. Back in the ‘90s, Bud and our team conducted an outdoor crusade in Gujarat, and were run out of the area by the locals swinging machetes and throwing stones. We have worked and prayed to see this day. A day when the Gospel will break forth in power in India. Now it is happening, and the fearless, advancing ministry of Bhalchandra is a significant part of this new reality. 
The number of youth who responded to this gathering is phenomenal. When the youth are fired up for Jesus things begin to happen. Why? Because it means that God is continuing to reveal Himself in power to the upcoming generations. The Lord has been speaking to me in ways that let me know a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit has begun to blow in the earth, and will continue to do so. He is also speaking this same thing to many others. Thank you Lord.
Leadership Teaching Seminars
In addition to the youth gathering, Bhalchandra continues to conduct Leadership Serminars for Pastors and other church ministers in various cities across the central western states in India. The seminars cross denominational lines and have become a great and increasing blessing to all the church leaders who attend. I will share more about these meetings in the future.
At long last, the donation made last year to purchase books for the Rev. Cassidy Memorial Leadership Library will finally arrive at its destination in a few days. Why has it taken so long to accomplish this you might ask? The answer is: 1) the best way to get funds to Nigeria is to send them with an individual who is going there, and we have not had anyone going there until now; 2) it is too costly to send funds by any other means. So, praise God, the purpose will be accomplished, and the library will be greatly blessed. I, along with the brethren in Nigeria, are very grateful for this wonderful, generous donation. 
In addition, I have gleaned books from my personal library that will also be a tremendous blessing to this library. They will be sent as excess baggage along with the funds. 
We used to sing a little chorus that says: “The Lord knows the way through the wilderness, and all we have to do is follow.” Very fitting when one works in many parts of this big, wide, wonderful world.
Great joy fills our hearts over this library becoming more and more complete. Now, every student at Grace and Peace Foundation (and perhaps others as well) who is preparing for leadership ministry has access to a good reference library that will help them prepare to minister God’s word with excellence. Praise the Lord.
On Sunday, March 26th, I was honored to speak at Belleview Church of God with Pastor Louis Lemley. Along with sharing how God called me to full-time missions ministry, I spoke on the topic “Serving God In Our Own Generation” with a missionary focus. I am happy for this opportunity to share with others.
Writing lessons for “Follow The Leader” is continually being done.
April 3-6 – Missions Convention, Lighthouse Worship Center, Galliano, LA, Pastors Eno & Lurie Dantin 
April 7 – LTI Board of Directors Meeting, being held at Lighthouse Worship Center, Galliano, LA
Again, I cannot say Thank You enough to all of you who have sent us to this spiritually dark nation to preach and teach the word of God when results were next to invisible. But we knew God had sent us, so we kept on keeping on. We poured ourselves into the young men who are now grown and are taking the Gospel to their own people. The harvest is ripe and plentious. Thank you Lord that your word does not return empty. It comes back bearing precious fruit. To God be the glory.
Because there are over 4.4 billion people in the world who still need Jesus, I remain
Yours in missions,

Mary Ann Cassidy